idea incubation


A key role of CmF is to incubate new ideas which can improve the quality of life of the under-served populations through reducing costs, increasing efficiency and quality. Few of the incubate ideas currently being implemented by CmF:

In pursuance of Cm's objective to enhance quality of life of the communities we work with and in particular the rural women, we are now committed to add new domains of knowledge and services in our project villages where we have a good platform of Self Help Groups. Scaling up the Internet Sathi programme- spreading digital literacy among rural women.

To facilitate Digital Literacy in Rural area with special focus on Women, Internet Saathi Initiative Tata Trusts and Google India have together launched Internet Saathi programme in 2015 to spread the Digital India Mission of the Govt. of India in rural areas of the country. The objective of the program is to empower rural women and their communities by enabling them to use Internet in their daily lives. The program aims to provide basic training on the usage of Internet and its benefits by use of Internet-enabled devices including mobiles and tablets. These mobiles and tablets provide the women access to the internet; the importance of digital education, how it helps in the betterment of their lives and boosts convenience in daily tasks is imparted to them. Rajasthan is the one of the state where I-Saathi project pilot been implemented in August 2015 and based of the good result of intervention it's being implemented in other states of India.

Having worked with SHGs for over a decade, CmF realized that while savings and credit have brought in economic and social empowerment for the women, the situation on maternal and child health indicators is no better in SHG members households versus Non-SHG members. A study conducted by CmF also states that, 30 % of income goes in health expenditure every year among the SHGs members and it create burden on overall plan and growth of the family at larger extent. In reference to above fact and the existing poor health indicators of maternal and child health among the SHGs CmF gave the thought to creating an awareness platform around the dietary diversification, maternal and child health through adopting the participatory learning and home visit based counselling.

Tata Trusts & Child Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), UK in their respective projects in Jharkhand and Odisha have successful experience of significantly improving maternal and child health indicators through adopting a Participatory Learning & Action (PLA) approach for behaviour change among target communities.

Along with Tata Trusts, CiFF and Ekjut- technical resource agency of CIFF, CmF started a pilot in 2 districts of Rajasthan (Ajmer &Tonk) on community led PLA approach to improve nutrition in mother and children through diet diversification.

Transformation initiative is the most ambitious idea of CmF for transforming lives with an objective to develop proof of concept of significantly transforming quality of life for 70,000 poor household of 4 pre-dominantly tribal blocks in the South Rajasthan by adopting multi - thematic approach.