Research and Knowledge Management

CmF regularly reviews knowledge requirements of the sector, assesses the knowledge gaps, undertakes research studies for bridging these gaps and distils learning for wider dissemination. The centre also documents good practices and disseminates the knowledge through developing Newsletters, organizing workshops/seminars and Discussion Forums etc.

Women empowerment and poverty alleviation need a coordinated approach from all stakeholders and a conducive policy environment. It is equally important that the existing policies are operationalised for benefits of the poor. The Centre for microfinance proactively engages and facilitates all stakeholders to collaborate and take up joint initiatives for financial inclusion, Institution Building, livelihoods and Poverty Alleviation.

CmF organizes Microfinance and Livelihoods Colloquium for the community based organizations once in two years. In this event community specially women directly raise their issues and also share possible solutions with concerned departments and officials for poverty alleviation. CmF support in resolving those issues with policy makers and government departments.

The Rajasthan Microfinance Sector Report published biennially by CmF presents the current status of microfinance in Rajasthan with a larger focus on the community led microfinance model. It covers encapsulate key developments and trends in microfinance sector in the state. The reports also captures best practices, issues and challenges in key state level initiatives/programmes which have microfinance as a key component and recommend suggestions for all stakeholders including policy makers.

The Research studies and reports of CmF have added to the knowledge of both practitioners and policy makers. CmF publishes newsletter, prepares documentaries of good practices and organize workshops for knowledge dissemination. Specific studies are guided by experienced researchers from outside.

CmF has undertaken various studies such as:

- CRP strategy in Rajasthan.
- SHG Quality, Loan Utilization of SHGs
- Status of SHG federations and investment required
- Reasons for loan default by SHGs
- Cash flow Analysis of urban and rural families
- Base line Surveys and Impact Assessment studies
- Evaluation Studies
- Goat Market
- Vegetable sub sector
- Accessibility of Financial inclusion services